Creating forms

1. Create a new form

Select a project from your workspace, and click the + Create Form button to create a new form for this project.

Once you click on the Classic Form</mark>, it will create a new one from scratch.

2. Build your form

It’s as easy as stacking Lego blocks with HeyForm Builder - you need to drag and drop the blocks and place them as you prefer.

3. Block settings

Click on each “Block” to expand the Block settings on the left side. You can set up the Block title, choices, layout, and other options.

4. Block types

Short Text

If you want a short written answer from people, this is what you need.

Long Text

This is ideal if you want people to write you long answers.

Single Choice

Use this when you want to offer a range of answers to a question, but the user can select only one answer.

You can add choices in the left panel, and the number of choices is not limited.

Multiple Choice

Use this when you want to offer a range of answers to a question.

If you want to set the number range that users can select, you can set up “Selection limits” options in the left panel.

Pictures Choice

This is like “Multiple Choice”, but instead, you can give people a choice of images.

You can search for free high-resolution photos from Unsplash or upload images from your computer.


The dropdown allows the user to select a value from a series of options.


Give people a visual way to rate something.

You can set up the “Rating count” from one to ten. You can also select icons like a star, heart, and more.

Opinion Scale

Give users the option to rate through selection.

You can set up the “Rating count” from one to ten. You can also add description labels.

File Upload

You can use this block if you need people to upload a file, such as a resume.

File types we support:

  • Images (jpg, bmp, png, and gif)

  • Plain Text

  • Markdown

  • CSV

  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • PDF

  • MP4, WMV videos

Date Picker

The date picker allows people to select or enter a specific date, and you can set the date format of the answer for this block.


This is like “Short Text”, but only accept email addresses.

Full Name

This block lets people enter their full name.


This is a short text block which accept address input from the users.

Phone Number

Use this block to collect phone numbers. It lets people choose their country code, and each country is configured only to enter a correctly formatted number.

Country Selector

This block can be used to select the user’s country from a drop-down.


Use this block to collect digital signatures.

5. Theme and customization

We have provided some different themes, and you can click on any theme to customize your form.

If you don’t like the theme we provide, you can customize the settings according to your preferences.

You can customize the general font, background colors, cover image, title, header typography, and form typography.

6. Duplicate from the template gallery

We have hundreds of ready-made templates to get your form rocking. Click the “Explorer” button to find more.

If you find a template you are satisfied with, click the “Use Template” button to duplicate it. And once the form is created, it will navigate you to the form builder.

7. Import from external URL

HeyForm will detect the form tag from the URL given just like a crawler. Once a form tag is detected, the engine will try to parse the URL’s content and convert it into HeyForm blocks.

This is still a beta feature, and we can’t guarantee that it will be 100% effective.

HeyForm for static site generators

Please refer to our official blog if you’d like to add/embed HeyForm to static site generators.