Form settings

When you want to modify the form public access, time limit, IP limit and other settings, click the “Settings” button at the top of the page.

Form public access

Form status

When you switch off this setting, the form status will be “Inactive”. At this time, the form can’t be accessed and submitted by people.

Expiration date

The form can only be accessed and submitted in a specific date range when you set up this setting**.**

Time limit

If you want to limit the time for people to submit the form, you can set a time here, which is usually used in exam scenarios.

HeyForm provides three-timing units: “hour”, “minute” and “second”. The form will count down when the respondent opens the web browse.

Once time is up, the form will be closed and can’t be submitted. If the respondent wants to submit again, he can only refresh the web browser and re-submit it.

IP address limit

When you don’t want the same IP address to submit too many times in a short period, you can set this setting. HeyForm provides two ways for this:

  • The same IP address is only allowed to submit the form once

  • The same IP address can submit up to several times in a certain period

Maximum submission limit

This option will limit the number of submissions. If the number of submissions exceeds the maximum number you have set, the form will not be allowed to submit anymore.

Redirect on completion (Pro Plan)

Take your respondents to another web page once they’re done filling in your form.


Bots Prevention

Prevent bot submissions by enabling the captcha.


Enable to prevent spam submissions.