Integrate with MailChimp

MailChimp is an automated marketing platform and email marketing service. You can manage all your contacts, separate them from the right audience, and make your advertising journey easier.

Combine Heyform with Mailchimp to increase subscriber engagement with eye-catching emails, auto-update contacts with each submission and manage campaigns by targeting different subscriber segments.

MailChimp Integration

Follow this 3 step process to automatically sync your contacts with MailChimp upon form submission.

  1. Authorize with MailChimp account Authorize HeyForm with MailChimp to send contacts to your MailChimp account. Click on “Sign to MailChimp” and log in to the MailChimp account you want integrate with HeyForm.

  1. Select audience group that the form is required to populate After authorization select one of the audience group list already created in your MailChimp account to which the contacts received through submissions is to be send.

  1. Map the contact fields with form fields Map the preferred question fields in HeyForm to the contact fields.

Once you are done with mapping the corresponding fields you can click “Connect with MailChimp” to activate the integration.