Integrate with Telegram

Telegram is a free messenger service developed by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Telegram offers a wide range of functions. Besides the obligatory messenger chat function, users can also send large amounts of data in the form of audio and video messages, make voice calls, create channels, and use bots. With HeyForm, you can integrate with Telegram to get notifications for each HeyForm completion.

Telegram Integration

Integrating with Telegram is a piece of cake, so just follow this 3 step process to enable posting messages using the Telegram Bot in just a few minutes:

1. Add @HeyForm_bot to your Telegram group

Create or select your existing Telegram group where you want to receive notifications on and click the Add Members button.

Now search for @HeyForm_bot and select the @HeyForm_bot tag. Now, click on float button on the bottom right-hand corner and click on ‘Add’ to end the procedure.

2. Get Telegram Group’s Chat ID

Type this command /[email protected]_bot in the group that you have added @HeyForm_bot in, and you will receive a message with a Chat ID that’ll look something like this:

3. Paste the Chat ID to HeyForm

Copy that Chat ID. Then, click your newly created form and open the Integration tab.

Then, click on the Telegram Configure button to paste the Chat ID, and save it by clicking the Save button.